Charred Edge Oak Board

Charred Edge Oak Board


Oak Board with Charred Edge

For this piece to transition from design concept to object, a new production technique had to be developed. The idea was to have a crisp charred rim around the edge and a virtually seamless transition into the golden middle.

Shou Sugi Ban is the ancient Japanese art of charring wood, and it works particularly well with Oak. This board has been scorched with a 2000 degree flame to instantly char it. An abrasive is then used to remove the thin layer of loose charcoal and the process started again. After the second charring the surface is treated with a food safe organic oil and left for many weeks to cure.

Finished with natural hemp seed oil, this board is perfect for bread, cheese, presenting charcuterie or simply as a display piece.

Measures approx. 30cm diameter x 2cm thick

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