Fairlight in Burr Elm

Fairlight in Burr Elm


Fairlight from Burr Elm

Handcrafted in our Fairlight shape this unique piece of Elm has bark inclusions as well as areas of burr that add much interest to the piece. This type of timber is exactly what we developed the straight sided, fine rimmed shape of the Fairlight Design for. The simplicity of the form lends itself perfectly to allowing the complex pattern of the wood to show its true personality and beauty uninhibited.

Perfect as a display piece or perhaps to display fruits this piece is finished with organic hemp seed oil

Bird & Branch have been awarded a Certificate of Registered Design by the UK Government Intellectual Property Office for the Fairlight Bowl. This marks it as a new, original and unique design, the form of which is now protected and owned exclusively by us.

Measures 25cm wide x 8cm High x 6.5cm deep

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