Arlo Platter

Arlo Platter


Arlo Platter from Patterned Beech

Hand turned in our Arlo style, this piece of wood was specifically selected for the striking pattern we knew would be within. The beautiful markings of this platter are an organic result of the natural process of regeneration within the woodlands, a unique material we call Patterned Beech,

Fallen Beech trees are left on their sides for between 3-5 years and during this time various creatures cause the patterns as they break the log down. Once the wood is milled and dried the results are locked in place waiting to be reveled by our chisels. Our challenge is to make sure that we do it justice and turn something truly beautiful from it.

This platter measures 30cm wide, 5cm tall and 3.5cm deep, and has a couple of small nails that penetrate through it from some far off time. Finished with hemp oil from the rolling hills of Devon, UK and shipped in a beautiful box for Christmas.

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Bird & Branch have been awarded a Certificate of Registered Design by the UK Government Intellectual Property Office for the Fairlight Bowl. This marks it as a new, original and unique design, the form of which is now protected and owned exclusively by us.

As a side note, the Fairlight shape was developed specifically with this beautiful material in mind. The vertical side of the design provides a canvas for patterns that would be lost to the workshop floor as saw dust on most traditionally shaped bowls. For us its so exciting to see both design and nature come together to produce a truly special piece like this.